The balding hair is shining!


Shiny hair that looks gorgeous and fortunes paid to get those hair. Anyway, let’s forget about them now and talk about the wonderful effect of honey on hair.

The secret of shining, shiny hair is passing through honey. The reason for the breaks and the appearance of dull hair is that the hair remains moisture-free. It provides your hair with the moisture it needs with its natural moisture content. Thus, you prevent your fed hair from breaking. Your strengthened hair reaches its natural shine in the healthiest way.

What you need


2 tablespoons of olive oil

1 teaspoon of honey


1 egg yolk


Add olive oil and honey to the egg yolk that you whisk well. You can split your hair into tufts so that the mask penetrates all your hair. Start applying the mask from your hair follicles to the tips and massage your scalp while applying the mask. You can wrap your hair with stretch film or bone to give the mask a more effective result. After waiting 30-40 minutes in your hair, you can wash your hair.








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