The best hair styles for women who have blonde hair

The best hair styles for women who have blonde hair

The blonde hair are a synonym of femininity that does not fear the passage of time. And they are also a world to be discovered, considering that inside you can certainly identify many different shades. But where to start in order to find the best hair style for a beautiful blonde hair ?


Let’s try to find out more, offering you many tips – and lots of photos! – which will certainly enrich your choice!


Blond, kissed by the sun


The blonde hairstyles , year after year, are not quite able to lose their appeal. And luckily! If in fact you are thinking of consolidating your blond , or of becoming blond, you will certainly have no difficulty in gaining important benefits in terms of femininity and seduction . All you need will be an expert who can guide you in identifying and creating the best style.


Having said that, what actually seems to be able to satisfy a growing number of women is the adoption of a “sun kissed” blond hair style. A hair style that will certainly enhance a lived-in tone, and which will finally seem fully credible and not too invented.


Whether it’s shades of honey or blond cream , the color should flow through light shades, perhaps using very “in” techniques such as the babylights (the technique in which they take very fine strands of hair, gathered, simulate an effect similar to that of children), or even pointing straight towards the traditional lengths of the balayage , with lighter movements.


Work on the right color



The key to the best blonde hairstyles is to work with natural color enriching it with the right ideas, in order to arrive at a natural organic texture , which will not seem artificial, but created spontaneously by your boss. In doing so, remember that it is absolutely not necessary to impact the entire hair, but also only on some strands and tufts.


Speaking of colors, you will certainly not have missed that in 2017 one of the tones that will be the most popular is platinum . This is an extraordinary trend, intended for women with the greatest determination and personality (but not only!) That you will be able to achieve through a complete discoloration, which will remove any reference to the natural tone.


At this point you could indulge yourself. The latest trends invite you not to adopt a homogeneous color platinum but to do something a little different, lowering the basic level with a ‘ deeper shade at the roots and using lighter tone on the rest of the hair. In this way, despite having platinum, you will also have a more natural sensation: leaving the root always slightly darker, you will also limit the regrowth effect, and you will have the simultaneous benefit of making the rest of the hair brighter.


Blond with pastel shades


In our roundup of the best blonde colors for your garment we certainly could not forget the blondes combined with pastel tones. Try to evaluate a nice pastel pink or a pale peach, as suggested by a very successful trend for this season. Lighter blondes should also opt for a slate or sand shade, while deeper and darker blondes could try metallic gray: in this case, the key to your success will be to keep the color fresh, avoiding that wither too much. This hair is easy to maintain at home, even simply by using a shampoo and a conditionair, or better still by asking your trusted hairstylist . In this regard, also remember that the more often you wash your hair, the faster the color will dissolve: better therefore consider using a dry shampoo alternating with the usual washing to preserve those shades.


Having clarified the above, we can finally get to the most operational phase that many of you will appreciate (or, at least, we hope!): Take a closer look at our gallery, since inside you should be able to find many style alternatives . Therefore, try to understand if within the models that have reserved you below, and evaluate together with your hairdresser what is best to do in order to get a full appreciation of your blonde hair.


We are sure that in these shots you will find many alternatives ready for you. Try to work a little imagination and creativity, and let us know how it turned out!


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