The best January colors for short hair!

The best January colors for short hair!

The panorama of the best colors for short hair ? It is extremely wide and diverse and, if on the one hand it complicates all our synthesis efforts, on the other hand it increases the fun of choosing the shade that best meets your stylistic needs. In this regard, we want to focus today on what the best colors can be for short hair this month and for the coming periods, trying to inspire some small restyling options that won’t hurt certainly your aim of obtaining a new and enviable look !


Short hair color: confirm or change?


Of course, the first choice that all women who go to the hairdresser are obliged to make is whether to confirm their current hair color , or change it in a more or more key. less “revolutionary”. There is no better choice than the others. In other words, it is not at all said that in order to obtain a better result you must necessarily change your hair color drastically. It may instead be appropriate to confirm your tone , to be reviewed perhaps with some small foresight on the brightness of the locks , or on the reflections more or less clear.


There are no more borders!


If you want to change, however, know that the good news has just begun. What is in fact very evident is that there are no more boundaries or limits to creativity in terms of style and hue. So, if until not too many years ago the hair green , blue , pink or whites were considered very narrow niches, for the benefit of rock and the punk , today it is increasingly common to see young or less young women who they found their main satisfaction precisely in a new haircut which could base its belief on an apparently eccentric tone…


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