The blonde in winter: which shade to choose?

The blonde in winter: which shade to choose?

The aesthetic that transpires from this choice can, at the same time, accompany the winter days with such good taste , especially if the nuance turns out to be slightly less bright and more devoted to cold colors.


The winter blond can approach ash if the complexion is impeccable and if you have an extremely elegant allure. In fact, cold colors require maximum care in styling and the use of glossy colors that can gracefully revive the nuances. Only in this way can ash blondes be flaunted with style and elegance. The potential of this color does not have an age, as the cold blond can accompany both younger girls with such good taste, and more mature women, giving an effect of immediate stylistic value.


A very pleasant winter solution is represented by the dark blond , a nuance that approaches the light brown but retains its blonde essence. This dye turns out to be perfect in the winter months as it accompanies the seasonal colors with taste and does not undergo any alteration due to the sun or salt. The dark blond is perfect for important lengths, as it gives a refined and adult result, avoiding the much feared ‘barbie’ effect.
The trends of the year that is closing, which also embrace the winter months of next 2019, have therefore decreed the success of this nuance, desired on long and even curly hair. The combination of color with clothing inspired by the elegance of the 70s proves perfect when it is combined with geometric prints in warm colors and can match hippie details also on the hair, such as braids and metallic brocas with shapes floral.


Finally, the hot blonde knows how to give style also in the smooth versions, especially in the pony tail harvests, ideal for daily appointments, as they are rigorous and characterized by a sober elegance.


A nuance adored in the winter season is the red reflected blonde. This bold color can be chosen by the very young, but also by more mature women who have light and delicate features. In fact, the contrast between the background blond and the orange reflections gives a unique twist to the whole and are warm and enveloping . There is nothing better, therefore, to warm up the cold winter days, also because the color matches the colors of the season gracefully, such as the palette of browns, grays and deep blues.


The blond warmed in red can finally become the protagonist of scenographic hairstyles if the hair is flowing, especially based on internal braids or inspired by the world of Eastern Europe. The right accessories for this color are aimed at brown leather, but also at black velvet and bands in wool, a true must of the season. The metals, then the floral brocas and the fabric inserts finally match perfectly with the red blonde and can warm up even a minimal look, thanks to the only color rendering of the hair.


Beautiful, enveloping and easy to wear, the red blond turns out to be perhaps the most daring winter blond, but surely as the color with the best color rendering.


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