The eternal beauty of the brown

The eternal beauty of the brown

The universe of colors presents a truly palatable chestnut palette , as the color can be used in hazelnut, chocolate, or become exuberant if inspired by the pop colors of Coca Cola!


The hazelnut brown is presented as a very refined color , perhaps more suitable for summer periods as it gives light to the gaze and fits perfectly with the skins that are starting to tan. The hazel color is perfect for those with a pale complexion, tending to pink . The tint can be revived with golden streaks or made more dramatic if you choose to make lighter portions of shatush. It all depends on personal tastes, but hazelnut is proposed as a ductile color, perfect for the day and interesting to show off on night occasions, perhaps enlivened by the right accessories.




The chocolate brown presents itself as a very pleasant coloring , perfect both for women who have a light complexion and for people with darker skin. In fact, the dye gives an immediately perceptible Mediterranean allure and can therefore become the cornerstone of an intense and feline look. Also perfect with any color of iris, chocolate brown can be declined to a fresher version if bleached in blond in the final sections, or energized by bright red streaks if you love this color palette.




Winter is a cold season and therefore brown can follow the winter mood by also appearing cold , that is off, thanks to the insertion of special pigments within the coloring. It is a very bold color, as it must be treated in detail to not look worn. If worn with due care, this color can give a refined aesthetic to the women who choose it, because it is enriched with ash shades. Perfect for young girls with a chic allure, cold brown must be meditated on by women who do not have much time available, as it requires to be defined with impeccable cuts and with glossy products that enhance their nuances.




The latest type of chestnut and, perhaps, the most daring, is based on red chestnut, or on a color rich in reflections that recall the palette of bright reds. This type of brown revives the complexion in an incisive way and gives women who have a clear complexion. The chromatic difference between the basic brown and the red reflections helps to emphasize who has hazel irises, but the top is reached in women who have green eyes, as it creates a chromatic game of sure interest. This coloring is proposed, certainly, as winter, as the colors of brown and red are well suited to this season .




As we have seen, chestnut is a stylish and rich color of alternatives , as everything depends on the shades and the degree of color that is chosen. Brown is far from a simple color, but a universe from which women can draw to create a refined, even unexpected look with a thousand chromatic implications.

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