The haircuts you don't have to do to not look older (and also the recommended ones)

The haircuts you don't have to do to not look older (and also the recommended ones)

Several times on our site we remembered how important it is to try to identify a good haircut that makes us look younger . However, as many times we have remembered how a wrong haircut (since maybe we have not accepted the suggestions of the professionals!) Is the worst business card, and it is also a situation that can lead us to instantaneous aging.


Just enough, in short, to be able to deal with the need – which we have repeatedly stressed even in the last days – to necessarily have to rely on the care of a hairdresser good, capable and up to date with the latest trends. However, if you already start with clear ideas, perhaps after having shared internally what could be, in your opinion, the best haircuts (and those to avoid), the result will be even more convincing!


Watch out for excess…


First, what we advise you to do is to stay away from excesses. Although there are numerous women who have very short hair very short or very long, is good to try to fall into the easy temptation to believe that after a certain age the hair should be necessarily kept short. In particular, if the characteristics of your face (your hairstylist will certainly be able to give you an important hand in this sense!) Is not suitable for the pixie or garconne style, the result could be even disastrous. If, on the other hand, you believe that the short is going to be fine, head straight for parade cuts rather than those that are too geometric and too sharp.


The haircuts you don't have to do to not look older (and also the recommended ones)


Moreover, the same (inverse) speech can be made on hair too long i. In this case, in fact, especially if your hair is made up of very thin hair, the result can only be a harmful flattening at the root that will give you a scruffy and older appearance.


… also in color!


The same rules must also apply to the choice of the right hair color. Some women mistakenly think, for example, that after a certain age darkening the color of some shade may help to look younger. In fact, if you have light hair you should try to leave it with shades similar to yours, while if you have dark hair, to avoid continuous color touch-ups, you could try to lighten it slightly, maybe 2-3 tones. In the event that you focus too darkly or very darkly, in fact, the risk is that the regrowth will show up too quickly, making you appear untreated too.


Still on the subject of color , keep in mind that in order to appear a little younger it is very important that the dye is not too homogeneous, but supported by different shades of color, which can mitigate the effect of white hair and can give greater dynamism to the hairdo. If you opt for a spot color, however, the image could be much less fresh than it actually is .


The haircuts you don't have to do to not look older (and also the recommended ones)


What about gray hair?


A brief mention must be attributed to gray hair, a natural evolution of one’s hair. First, keep in mind that keeping hair gray , or dyeing it to revive this tone, for several years now it has been a growing fashion that, however, some women could use in a counterproductive way, aging one’s appearance. In short, consider “wearing” a homogeneous and silvery color with particular attention, taking care of the hair anyway through the use of antioxidant hair care products.


Of course, the advice to try to avoid running into the most unpleasant stylistic errors on hair fashion are still numerous. For example, a very common problem is that of believing that it is enough to follow the most whimsical and youthful hair trends to be able to earn a few years of age compared to what appears on your identity card. In fact, it is not true at all: an “extreme” haircut might in fact seem unsuitable for a mature face, exasperating the signs of aging. It is therefore better to share every move with your trusted hairdresser, establishing what can be good, and what is not.

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