The Most Effective Hair Color Opening Methods

Do you want to make a change in your hair, add sparkle to your hair with a bubble and golden baler? This year, as we will see in many celebrities and around us, we see a lot of hair that has been opened and only the ends or the hair shine in between. If you want to catch these hair shades with chemical or herbal dyes, you should definitely have your hair color opened with the openers before dyeing. Lightening the hair is a heavy chemical process and damages your hair. It may become dull and dry, become lifeless, and break off and cause spills to increase.

You can prevent these harmful effects by applying naturally hair-opening process with the materials that can be easily found at home. You can have 1-2 tones lighter, shimmery colors by applying natural hair opening methods for those who have brown hair color.

Feel the sparkle of summer in your hair with natural hair opening methods


The days when the sun begins to show its bright face is the best time to lighten the hair. In hair opening processes with natural methods, you can increase the effect by applying the materials to your hair and going out to the sun. Let’s examine the simple materials and recipes together with the hair opening methods that can be applied at home.

1- Hair opening with chamomile water


It is both the easiest to apply and among the most known and applied methods. Boil a handful of dried daisies from Aktar in a large glass of water. You will see that the water turns yellow in about 5 minutes. If you boil it more, you will get an orange chamomile tea and this effect decreases. Strain your yellow chamomile tea and let cool. With the help of a spray bottle, apply it all over your hair from the ends of the hair. Let your hair dry in the sun for 1-2 hours. When the water of chamomile, which is one of the methods of naturally opening hair, is applied 3 times a week, it will enable you to have a few tones of lightened and shiny hair.


2- Lightening the hair with baking soda


Baking soda allows you to get rid of some hair problems by caring for your scalp apart from opening the hair color naturally. It is applied quite easily on damp hair with a clean and excess water towel. Apply the powdered baking soda on the damp hair that you cut into tufts. Moisturizing your hair will spread the powder when you massage it with your fingers. After waiting for about 1 hour, you can rinse with warm water. As you can see, the answer to the question how to turn hair color with baking soda quite simple J


3- Hair opening with lemon


Lemon is one of the most used natural hair opening methods since it is a material found in every kitchen or you can easily obtain. Since lemon juice contains too much acid, it is applied by mixing with water, not directly. Again, it is important to apply in the summer in a short time. Squeeze the juice of a lemon and mix it with 2 glasses of water. Using a spray bottle provides convenience in the application. Squeeze your hair ends and lengths and wet your hair. Allow your hair to dry by waiting for 1 hour in the sun. After that, we recommend rinsing with warm water and care for the ends of hair with a moisturizing cream. Lemon can cause dry hair to dry especially. We are sure that you will be pleased with the shine in your hair color that turns from coffee to yellow.


4- Does honey lighten the hair color?


The application that cares for the hair at the same time between the natural methods and the hair opening processes is honey. While you nourish and revitalize the hair, you also have bright and healthy light tones.


Lightening hair color with honey



  • Mix half a glass of honey and half a glass of olive oil. Massage your hair thoroughly. Wait 45 minutes-1 hour for it to affect your hair. Then wash off with warm water and a mild formula shampoo.

  • You can also try the recipe above with water. In this way, it can be used safely for oily hair. You can apply it by mixing half glass of honey and half glass of water and rinse after 1 hour.

  • Honey and Lemon mask; Mix half a glass of honey and juice of 1 lemon. Apply to clean and moist hair with the help of a spray bottle. Let it dry in the sun for half an hour. You can then rinse off with warm water.


5- Hair opening with Vitamin C


Our previous recipes included methods for lightening natural hair color. For dyed and treated hair, we will suggest a different way to lighten the hair with vitamin c. You can also care with vitamin C, since dyed hair is more suitable for wearing and breaking. Grind 10 of the vitamin c tablets you would buy at the pharmacy and powder them. Pour into daily use shampoo and mix. Your hair, which you wash with this shampoo every day, will open naturally over time.


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