The Natural Way to Get Rid of Oily Hair: Corn Flour

Hair can be lubricated structurally or under the influence of environmental factors in a shorter time than usual. However, with the right products and correct care methods, control of oily hair can be achieved. In addition to product use and maintenance methods, it is important what ” how ” is done in hair care. For example, it is not recommended for someone with excessive greasing problems to brush their hair frequently and apply hair conditioner to the scalp. This little practical information like this can minimize the problem of oily hair. In this article, we mentioned how to achieve oily hair control.

Let’s come to the cornstarch application that eliminates the oily appearance.

Since the hair is greased in a short time, frequent washing is needed, but washing the hair frequently will cause it to get oily. Dry shampoos, on the other hand, act as a savior for those of us suffering from oily hair. When you do not have the opportunity to wash your hair and in similar emergencies, you can eliminate the oily appearance of your hair with dry shampoo applications. Corn starch or cornmeal also functions exactly dry shampoo! You don’t have time, your hair is oily and you have to fix it in the most practical way. How?



You need an empty salt shaker. Put 1 tablespoon of corn flour in this salt shaker and sprinkle it on your scalp, as if pouring salt on the salad. After waiting for 10 minutes, comb your hair with a brush.


A small tip; If you are disturbed by the corn flour leaving a white appearance on the hair roots (this will not happen if you do not overdo it during the application), you can add some cocoa to the cornstarch.


However, performing regular care with natural care practices can balance the rate of hair lubrication. For maintenance methods, you can check our mask recipes.


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