The Right Wrongs Regarding Hair

7 mistakes that are known correctly in hair care.

WRONG: If you break the white hair, it will be more white.
When you take off white hair, it is not more white. However, plucking hair generally damages the hair follicle and the hair follicle may not grow again.

WRONG: Using shampoo, conditioner, hat causes hair loss.
Since the hair is not an external mechanism, it is not shed with external factors. The factor that causes hair loss may be due to genetics or a deficiency in the body.


WRONG : Washing hair every day causes shedding.
Washing your hair often does not cause hair loss, on the contrary, when you wash your hair frequently, your scalp clears and your hair follicles breathe.

FALSE: Frequent haircuts accelerate hair growth.
It is enough to cut your hair every 3 or 4 months. Frequent haircuts do not affect the rapid growth of hair. Removing hair fractures is important for healthier looking hair. Since hair growth is directly related to the hair roots, hair care applications should be done to the hair roots.


FALSE: Covering hair sheds hair.
Fastening or covering hair does not cause hair loss. Because the hair does not receive oxygen in contact with air.


WRONG: Hair is cleaned with a lot of shampooing.
You only need to shampoo your hair once. In shampoos containing chemicals, you need to pay more attention to this. Chemicals such as SLS, SLES are chemicals that disrupt the hair’s flora. You should avoid excessive applications. Shampooing once in natural products will be sufficient for cleaning your hair.


WRONG: Broken hair tips can be fully repaired with maintenance applications.
It cannot be completely repaired. Instead of caring for the dead, dead hair ends, you should get rid of them and then maintain your hair’s healthy structure with regular maintenance practices. The styling done with heat are the applications that cause the most damage to the hair ends. The farther you stay, the better your hair will be. You can have healthy and lively hair with the hair care methods you will apply according to your hair’s needs.


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