The scaled helmet: classic, timeless, fantastic!

The scaled helmet: classic, timeless, fantastic!

For this medium short hair, very feminine, there are many different modulation possibilities that give the possibility to meet the different needs of many women. The scaled helmet , in turn extremely customizable, constitutes a modern vision of the helmet, without thereby distorting its classic and austere origin.


The scaled helmet: how it is made.


Let’s start with the cut: the bob is a fairly short hair cut that has “important” lateral volumes and a length that, more or less, corresponds to the height of the chin. The scaled helmet has the characteristic of having a lower hair length in the back of the head and higher on the front. We can define it as a deconstructed cut with the presence of “clearly visible” volumes that can be easily customized.


The customizations of the scaled helmet.


One of the first possible customizations is the variation of the difference in length between the front and rear parts . If you prefer a very “design” effect, you can choose for a much longer front length than the rear one, creating a contrast that gives personality and character to the cut. On the contrary, by attenuating the difference (the back hair must, however, obviously always be longer than the front hair), you will get a result with a more “peaceful” mood, perhaps more suitable for those who have enough facial features strong and outlined in itself.


Adaptability to face shapes and hair nature.


The scaled headband, as already mentioned, is an extremely versatile cut and it adapts perfectly to almost all shapes of the oval of the face and to hair of any nature. If you have thin hair , the scaled bob gives you a greater volume, if you have them stiff this cut gives a greater “structure”, if you moved them, you are about to adopt the most bohemian cut known. Only curly or frizzy hair should never be cut in a bob, especially if scaled: the risk is that of the “poodle” effect …


And the fringe?


This type of bob can be adopted as much as with the fringe that without, the possibilities are endless. But if you really like the fringe you will not have to give it up: make it very fashion show, you will get a magnificent and original “disheveled-combed” effect very natural and very trendy, and in addition you will get a gentle softening of the face and moreover it can be moved to the side if your hair is a little wavy. Once created, it is good to work the bangs with a foam to fix the hair.


How do you keep a scaled helmet?


Here is another huge benefit of this cut: maintenance is very simple , as well as keeping it in order every day. Combing a scaled bob is a very quick thing, so you can say goodbye to time lost in front of the mirror. In order for your helmet to always look perfect, you only need to go to the hairdresser no more than once every two / three months . In the comfort of your home, you will simply make creases for soft hair, use a straightener to straighten your hair to get the maximum smooth effect or work your hair with your hands if you want to obtain amazing soft waves .

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