The trendiest short haircuts of the season!

The trendiest short haircuts of the season!

If you have been following us for a long time you should know how extremely cool and popular short haircuts are, and how much this type of hair has been able to be appreciated over the years. And what do you think? Are you ready to acquire all the advantages that these incredible haircuts can give to fashion-conscious women? In our present study, we give space to some of the trendiest short haircuts of the season and … to many photos that will allow you to know a little more!


Asymmetrical bob


Among the coolest cuts of the moment in short hairstyles, a reference must necessarily be attributed to the asymmetrical bob. Ideal for women who have a particularly rounded face, this asymmetrical cut , geometric and angular can really be your pass for a season of new charm and attractiveness!


Short with tuft


For women who want to have a touch of additional seduction, nothing better than to focus on a short haircut with a beautiful long tuft , which can go to cover part of the face, giving you a little more mystery. A nice choice for any occasion, which can be easily arranged, day after day!




We have talked about shag many times over the past few weeks, placing it among the coolest cuts of the next season . And indeed, it is difficult to deny these premises: the shag will be one of the references with which you would do well to try to enter into due confidence …




Will the very short go on trend? Probably a little less than the past few years, but we believe that the era of very short is not yet over. Just try to … understand if it actually can do for you, or if it is better to try to orientate your inclinations elsewhere.


So many photos for your modern tastes!


As always we have a way of doing, even today we can only leave you with a nice photo gallery that will allow you to know a little more about what seem to be the coolest and trendiest short haircuts of the month. You just have to browse through this series of photographic shots with the usual attention and curiosity, and try to understand which of the models proposed below can best suit you. Then talk to your reference hairdresser and … hold on tight to experience a 2017 of great style, charm and personality!


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