Thyme against hair loss

There may be an increase in seasonal transitions, especially hair loss. If the measures against hair loss are not taken in time, the problem will grow in the future and rare hair problems may be encountered. Hair loss is mostly based on stress and environmental factors besides genetic factors. Some health problems can also lead to hair loss. If you think your hair has fallen too much, it may be useful to have your iron storages checked by consulting a doctor.

Making masks against periodic hair loss is quite simple but effective. Care masks made from materials that are always available at home and easily prepared help you to prevent hair loss.

Suna Dumankaya mask recipe for hair loss



1 handful of mountain thyme, 2 full tablespoons of chili peppers, 300 ml of olive oil, 5 drops of eucalyptus oil


Mix 1 handful of thyme, 2 tablespoons of red pepper and 300 ml of olive oil in a jar. Put it in a pot full of water until half and let it boil over the stove for 40 minutes. As the water boils, our olive oil mixture will be heated in a double boiler. After 40 minutes, open the jar that you take over the hot water and add 5 drops of eucalyptus oil to it.


Leave this mixture in the same jar for 1 night again. The mask will be ready for use the next day against hair loss. After straining, you can massage the scalp with the help of moist cotton. Rinse it on your scalp for half an hour and then rinse it. It is suitable to be used once a week. You can find a solution to the question of how to prevent hair loss with this cure.


Hair-curing herbal cure


Among the methods of hair removal from Suna Dumankaya, this recipe can be a remedy for hair problems.




1 tablespoon milk powder, 1 tablespoon yogurt, 1 tablespoon honey


We mix the materials thoroughly and apply it to our scalp as we apply hair dye. It is very important to apply it by massage. Massage opens the pores on the scalp and accelerates the blood circulation, making the mask affect your scalp thoroughly. Those who seek herbal remedies for hair loss should definitely try this recipe 😉


Hair-removing formula Suna Dumankaya


We recommend you to try this recipe which is the last suggestion of Suna Dumankaya against hair loss as a formula. This cure, prepared with banana, egg and fresh yeast, is known to be effective among hair removal methods.


We crush well-ripe half banana and mix 1 egg into it. We crush 1 pack of yeast and add to this mixture and whisk. We mix the hair tufts like hair dye and apply the mixture. It is very important to apply such mixtures by massaging. We keep it on our hair for at least 2 hours. The hair removal period may be a little longer for mask applications, but it is necessary for it to act.


You can watch the video below for the program image of Suna Dumankaya regarding the preparation of this mask.


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