Tips that anyone who dyes hair at home should know

What should you pay attention to when dyeing hair at home and after dyeing?

Mixing Colors
There is no harm in mixing the two colors together. But this makes it harder for you to reach the color you want. For this reason, it will be healthier to choose a single color among the color scales of the companies that you are confident in first. When you mix the paints together, there may be deviations.

Pinch Test
Always make the pinch test before proceeding to the painting step. After waiting for the paint in your hair for the time specified by the paint brand you applied, wash your hair.


Chemical Processes
You should avoid doing two different chemical processes on the same day. For example, you should not dye your hair on the day of perming. This will cause irreparable damage to your hair.

For the complete closure of whites
It is always easier to turn off white on soft and thin hair. In hard and white hair, it is more difficult to close white. It is important to follow the rules of use of products in both hair types. First of all, when choosing a paint, you should look at the white closing power. Because the white closing power of each paint is not equal.


Paint kits
It is very important to mix oxidation lotion and paint well with each other. Because when two different substances get together, it becomes the most effective. Getting the desired result is one of the most important steps.


Satisfying Creep
Especially people with hard hair type should feed the dye on their hair in a satisfying way. People with thick strands and long hair should apply the process with two kits of dye. Thus, an equal distribution of color can be provided to the entire hair.


Keeping the color
Keeping the color for a long time in the summer can be difficult. After the sea and pool, be sure to take a shower and remove the chlorine and salt from your hair.


Leave it alone
After dyeing your hair, let it dry on its own. Drying your hair with a towel will damage the hair, causing the paint to look dull. Same dryer too.


Use the right shampoo
Always use dyed hair shampoos for your colored hair. These shampoos help you maintain your hair color for a long time.


Carry out
Apply hair care treatments that will bring moisture to your hair every week or two. Thus, you ensure that it never loses its brightness.


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