Top haircuts for summer 2017! Click here for the photos!

Top haircuts for summer 2017! Click here for the photos!

Although – climatically – Italy still seems to be split in two, the impression that summer is about to arrive suddenly is more than clear. So, dear readers, you have very little time to try to prepare a new look to show off for the summer!


Anyway, don’t worry: to facilitate you in this arduous task of identifying the best hairstyle for the summer, we have well thought of identifying a gluttonous photogallery of haircuts that you could show off during next months, giving you a review of the look that will not only allow you to experience the effectiveness of a new hair style at a time of the year in which you are naturally more inclined to small and large revolutions, as well as to test a look that it might be useful to show off all year round.


But what are the best haircuts for the summer ? Of course, the embarrassment of the choice will concern your every option. In any case, as far as the long cuts are concerned, it seems that the braid : will still be very fashionable. The important thing is to avoid getting too fossilized on the usual ponytail, which will still resist times also over the next few months. You can also evaluate the possibility of leaving your hair free to move: summer is a moment of great naturalness and dynamism, and making sure that your hair adapts itself could be the best choice.


If you prefer medium cuts, more or less strong scaling will be rewarded, with a central or lateral line, large tufts covering a part of the face, more or less evident creases. You just have to browse our photo gallery, seen and considered that inside you will be able to easily identify the best options.


As far as short hair is concerned, one of the must-haves of recent years, in our opinion one of the trends to ride will be a semi-short shaved one with a good side forelock that can guarantee you the right personality, covering one side of the forehead . The shaved back and sides are also excellent, with a more rigorous vision of itself, but certainly not capable of harming femininity and sensuality (indeed, in our opinion, rewarding your seduction capacity even more.


It is also well known that short cuts can today show off all the main added values, given that the summer is just around the corner, and therefore their freshness and dynamism can be well expressed in the weeks that will come, coming to allow an easy renewal of the seduction and romance of all Italian women who decide to give us a cut (in every sense!) with the past.


Of course, considering that short cuts can be arranged in thousands of different ways, it is very difficult to try to identify a trend that may be predominant over the others. In our photogallery today we are pleased to submit a selection of cuts that you will be able to evaluate and choose, assuming whether or not they may be able to respond to your preferences.


Having said that, if the above seems to be very shareable, it is good to remember that the same assessments can be made even more convincingly in relation to the combination of short hair and wavy (or curly) hair. Indeed, it is certainly not risky to claim that short wavy or curly hair is the perfect combination for a rather short cut, guaranteeing a sensuality with few precedents and being able to show off a new and creative look!


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