Top short haircuts for 2017!

Top short haircuts for 2017!

2017 promises to be a year full of news for short haircuts and, waiting to find out more about the fashions that will emerge in the coming months, we can only try to guess what they will be the best short haircuts that could give you the greatest satisfaction in the first part of the new year. So let’s see what are some of the top hairstyles for 2017, and touch the final results that you might be able to achieve through a fantastic gallery with 85 different style options!


The bob continues to reign


A first point of reference that we wish to establish is that, as has already happened in recent years, also in 2017 the bob will continue to play its part as the main protagonist of the cuts of [19459002 ] short hair and medium. The short bob which generated so much appreciation in 2016 will therefore return in an updated and further dedicated version also in 2017, guaranteeing all women who will focus on this style with important satisfactions. Try to play with the lengths that best enhance your face, and don’t forget the importance of the forelock .


A cheeky style (at least for now)


2016 certainly represented one of the moments of maximum expression of the messy style , with that fake disheveled that made many women so happy that in it they found a ready youth and light-heartedness. It is very likely that, at least in its first part, this hair style will continue to express all its strengths. However, we believe that in part the messy style has also got a little tired: therefore be careful not to become too attached to this kind of hairstyles, because it could soon be put in partial archive …


The end of the very short films?


We also sensed it in 2016, but 2017 should mark the end of the appeal of very short haircuts , which although they can still be of ideal appreciation for many women, for many others they will no longer be an option to focus on with too much emphasis. Therefore, try to evaluate an orientation on a less extreme length: short cuts tending to the middle could play their lion’s part from the first weeks of the new year, thus guaranteeing you full satisfaction in modeling and personalizing your locks and your tufts .


Finally, we conclude our study today by offering you a beautiful photogallery consisting of well 85 different photos of short haircuts which in our opinion could be the most popular in the new year. As always, our suggestion can only be to consult the series of photographic shots that we have chosen for you below, and try to understand what an ideal model can be that can fully reflect your style ambitions. At that point, talk to your hair stylist and try to customize the look in order to emphasize your strengths. The rest will come by itself, and you will start 2017 great!


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