Ultra chic short haircuts for renewed sex appeal!

Ultra chic short haircuts for renewed sex appeal!

Are you looking for a new short haircut ? Do you want to amaze colleagues and friends with a new ultra chic look that will guarantee you a renewed sex appeal but, at the same time, you don’t want to enter a world of too complex hairstyles, difficult to maintain without the help of a hairdresser?


Well, probably the solution to this and other questions is to style your hair with a nice super chic look showing off a short bob or another short hairstyle , which can guarantee you an easy ability maintenance over time, reduced touch-ups by the hairdresser and, at the same time, a truly infallible appeal from an aesthetic point of view. It is certainly no coincidence that, in this sense, in recent years more and more VIPs have aligned themselves with the short cut, showing off a very short hairstyle or not, and obtaining immediate satisfaction from their aesthetic option.


In any case, although it is an already known element, it is good to remember that short haircuts, whatever their declination, are experiencing a very strong diffusion and, decade after decade, it has come to us in numerous nuances. Over the years the helmet, the pixie cut and the set of other variations have been able to represent a real symbol of newfound femininity, giving the women who “wear” it a great appeal, intact to this day. Today it represents a signal of great personality and sensuality, guaranteeing women an irresistible and timeless charm.


Of course, since the world of short hair is extremely varied, it will be up to your sensitivity (or that of your hairdresser!) To find the right solution for your face. For example, a medium bob may be suitable for a larger number of people, while a very short cut may be suitable for other types of face.


Introduced the foregoing, we recommend that you carefully look at our photo gallery, in order to get an idea of ​​what could become your favorite hairstyle for the next month, opting for a medium, short or very short cut. At this point, it will be sufficient to adapt the cut to your face, bearing in mind that very often the shorter cuts can give greater freshness, and that the more voluminous ones could be counterproductive on too round faces (in any case, don’t worry, your hairdresser will certainly lead you to the best choice, based on these and other characteristics).


As confirmed by the numerous letters that reach us, more and more young women (and even those with a few more years on their shoulders) think that the possibility of wearing a short cut can confer undoubted added values ​​in matter of comfort, breadth and possibility of personalizing the look . We bet therefore that even short hair will be able to live a phase of very strong revitalization, on the evidence that these hairstyles (which were once associated with more mature women, and no longer very young) are actually usable with satisfaction by all and, perhaps, especially by younger people, who want to treat themselves to an alternative look, without giving up the usual sensuality.


So browse with conviction our long photogallery . Inside you will find a very wide range of pleasant alternatives to choose your favorite hairstyle from. An in-depth look that we advise you not to miss, as it could represent the spring that will allow you to change your look, and improve your aesthetic appearance.


Inside the photogallery that a few days ago we had the opportunity to capture you will find a good range of scaling and maxi tufts, smooth and wavy hairstyles, minimal or more voluminous, with or without fringe, shaved or uniform, with extreme pixie cuts, with abundant bobs and much, much more, passing through very rich coloring and bleaching techniques that will allow you to boast an enviable style.


Once you have identified the cuts that you think can do the best for your individual case, talk about it openly with your hairstyle and check with him if it is actually the most shareable choice. Through this foresight you will certainly be able to protect yourself from any unwanted hitch linked to the impossibility of being able to reconcile your cut with what you actually want to communicate externally.


Finally, remember that even on short hair all the best colors or bleaches can be easily combined. Also in this case, it is worth sharing your doubts and your desires with your hairdresser, identifying with him what will be considered the top!


We leave you now to our photogallery on Instagram @ capellistyle.it

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