Urban Care Shake Repair: Repairing Foam for Curly Hair

It is often impossible to imagine a non-styling life for frizzy / curly hair. This impossibility takes us away from heat styling tools such as tongs and straighteners that cause irreversible damage to the hair and leads us to the search for products that will best reveal the true form of the hair. Especially making curly hair unrecognizable with its embossing effect, it is only possible to take measures against the unrecognized moisture and the strength of all other seasonal movements with styling hair products. Will you prefer foaming, wax or hair spray? At this point, you should decide according to your hair type and styling product.

And let’s come to Urban Shake Repair – To the restorative care mousse for frizzy hair. Shake Repair has the feature of soothing, electrifying and difficult-to-shape hair. The milk proteins and anti frizz control provide the hair with a soft texture. By preventing electrification, it supports natural curls getting into shape.

Let’s say from the beginning that if you prefer Urban Shake for strong grip and styling, it will not meet your expectations. Because it is not the styling that it promises, but maintenance . For this reason, it is not as effective as styling foams, however, you can be sure that if you want your hair to blister, electrify and at the same time, your curls will look alive and shiny. It is stated that it targets the damaged hair and it can be thought to provide repair. But it would be wrong to wait for the broken, forked hair ends to be restored. Because the main highlight of this product is to soothe the hair, make it look smooth and do it by adding shine and softness to the hair. It can be a product that those who do not like styling products that harden the texture of the hair.


It is stated that with 12 useful amino acids, it affects keratin tissue in the hair. It is also recommended to use before and after painting. It may promise to minimize the wearing effect of the paint on the hair, this is our comment. 🙂

It’s time to smell, which part is very relative. The product smells intensely milkskahe. Milkshake You are traveling with scent, that is, the smell remains in the hair throughout the day and for a long time. A fragrance that you can feel constantly throughout the day. Those who love it and those who think it is too heavy. It is not a bad smell, but it is not a smell that everyone will love because it is a sweet and intense smell. It’s best to test and get it. 🙂


The structure of the foam is quite dense. It continues to maintain its foam form when you tighten it in your hand. Even when you start applying it to your hair. Like normal styling products, the foam does not melt in your hand in a short time. It has a full structure. In use, you shake the bottle first and then turn it over and tighten it to your palm. You can apply it on damp or dry hair. Being applicable to dry hair allows you to use it to re-energize your hair during the day.


If you want to try this sweet-smelling product, you can find it in cosmetics stores. Price: 24.00 TL.


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