Valentina Ferragni in pink: here is the new look of the fashion blogger

Valentina Ferragni in pink: here is the new look of the fashion blogger

Valentina Ferragni , sister of the famous Chiara, chose to change her look for this autumn 2019 and surprised everyone by showing herself really different. The sister of the most famous influencer in Italy wanted to give a drastic boost to her hair, obviously always remaining super trendy. Let’s find out what it is.


New look for Valentina


Well yes, Valentina chose pink as the color of her hair; always very blonde like all Ferragni , the sister of Chiara and Francesca has opted for a truly trendy color that shows no signs of dismantling from the ranking of the most popular and extravagant shades of recent years. The pink in question is very vibrant starting from the roots up to a dark shade of rose gold on the tips ; a really successful change that goes perfectly with the complexion and the eyes of the Miss of Instagram .


The choice of pink hair came just before the Prada fashion show in Milan, combined with a outfit gritty and a bit tomboyish: camouflage trousers and military green shirt, accompanied – obviously – by sandals open with square heel … really trendy!


Who is pink hair good for?


Already seen at the head of many celebrities, the pink hair everyone still likes . To show off this color were many, first of all and the undisputed icon of the color itself is obviously Pink. The singer had already sported shades of bright pink on her blonde hair that had been bleached to the utmost, almost platinum, since the late 90s.


Subsequently, and in more recent times, also Kristen Steward . Famous above all for her rebellious and whimsical personality, she wanted to dare first with an extreme look with ice tones and maxi dark regrowth, then moving on to a really delicate baby pink.


Cristiano Filippini , expert in fashion and hairstyle, on pink hair says: “It is a look that requires a certain dose of personality and a very regular or simply very particular face. Pink is one of the colors that has been used for some time, but in my opinion it works and will still work very well this season. Using the right intensity, it is perfect for women of any age. The more intense pinks tending to red are also good for women with a warm complexion, while the more fluorescent or fuchsia pinks are perfect for cold complexions. ” How do you say? Pink hair, don’t care! ”

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