Velaterapia, burning hair to "revive" it: how much is true?

Velaterapia, burning hair to "revive" it: how much is true?

It is called velaterapia , and it is a technique through which, with a candle, the split ends and all the main defects of a damaged hair are eliminated. An increasingly popular technique among women all over the world, on which – however – some express strong doubts and obvious questions.


In other words, the velaterapia uses a candle flame to seal the split ends of thin hair: to reveal this “secret” is one of Victoria’s Secret angels, Barbara Fialho, who in a ‘ interview with a Brazilian media argued that this method is extraordinarily effective in being able to reinvigorate the hair and eliminate frizz from split ends.


According to some hairdressers, the flame would in fact be able to cauterize the hair , leaving inside some nutrients that would prove necessary to be able to combat the humidity and stress caused by the chemicals contained in the haircare products canopy care .


Although obvious, the main risk of such therapy is that an incorrect application of the candle flame could actually jeopardize the success of this “risky” method , going to create more harm than good. Therefore, those who wish to be able to evaluate the new frontier of the hair trend represented by velaterapy, must have the foresight to contact a specialist who can perform the procedure. According to the same media that reported the interview with the Victoria’s Secret angel, the results would be very long-lived (about four months) and developed immediately.


If, on the other hand, you do not want to risk a fire to revive your frizzy hair , there are simpler and less dangerous methods: simply avoid too frequent washing and dilute the shampoo well, use a good conditioner in pair with the shampoo, use the towel correctly (avoid rubbing your hair vigorously, but towel dry your hair and blow dry it), use good products suitable for your hair and do not spare yourself in purchasing suitable brushes.

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