Very short colored hair: a summer of transgression!

Very short colored hair: a summer of transgression!

Tired of your usual cut and your usual color? The tip arrives simple and direct from the stars: a nice short cut, very short indeed and, especially if you are tired of your usual color, do not hesitate to dye your very short one of the colors you prefer, especially the pastel colors (which will be great this wonderful summer 2016!) or even more bold colors, if you are for the “all or nothing”. Very short colored hair for a great summer!


Very short colored hair: the trend of this summer 2016 is coming!


So what do you think will be the leitmotif of hairstyles for this summer that has never been so long awaited? The women ask, the red carpets answer: we will see many short hair, very short indeed. And we will see them in many colors , mostly pastel colors that perhaps best fit the already strong personality of a very short cut, diluting the slightly harsh tones. But will not miss the fans of “all or nothing”, with bright colors that will add character and personality to a cut with an already “aggressive” mood of its own.


Very short colored hair: some variations.


The extra short Pixie will be the master, perhaps even with even sharper implications, such as a beautiful undercut or a side cut on display, there to make it clear who you are and what you want. The Pixie, then, can find its maximum exaltation in the very short colored hair if only we add a beautiful “messy” effect with a high tuft and bristling with tips fluttering and a beautiful color among the dark brown and mahogany red.


And how about a nice cut to the boy on the platinum blonde ? Strictly side row and slightly disheveled effect with some impertinent tip right at the height of the row, or an orderly cut but with darker roots, “regrowth” effect, but strongly desired.


And, for those who want to dare something more, a very short combined with the gray “grandmother’s hair” , but definitely a sprint grandmother! A little volume on the top of the head, side row, not too long side and short tuft, very short especially behind. Add a fiery red lipstick and two very “visible” earrings and men will fall on your feet!


And pink? A beautiful pastel pink and a hairstyle very similar to that just described for the “grandmother’s gray” but no volume at the top: very short and tidy. And, I recommend: no fiery red lipstick, better a nice tone on tone with a pink just more “marked” than the pink of the hair. Seeing is believing!


Black will never go out of fashion , even combined with our very short hair: dampen the “sobriety” of black a little with some slightly cheeky points , some very light disheveled on the line that it will always be better to bring to the side (as always require very short cuts). The perfect (very short / black) combination will become the perfect trinomial if you have a fairly light complexion .


One more tip: if you opted for the very short and, perhaps, you added a tint of those that don’t take long to get noticed, well, then make up must balance the “visibility ”Of the rest of the look. That it is not too marked and with not too bold colors. Unless you are fifteen years old and really want to amaze. In that case … well … BE YOU!

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