Very short hair? Here are the new styles to evaluate for September!

Very short hair? Here are the new styles to evaluate for September!

If you have made the decision to significantly reduce the length of your haircut, and you need a hand to be able to identify the landing place of your new hairstyle, nothing better than acting a little in advance and reading (and looking!) some of the new options for short hair fashion. Curious to understand what will be the best styles to show off for the end of summer and for the next double season autumn – winter 2016/2017? Read on here: it is probable that you will find some very valid restyling opportunities and, with them, you can easily give a new life to your old haircut.


Pixie cut from the 70s


Let’s start with the pixie cuts, which we have talked about hundreds of times over the past few years. The pixie continue to be an excellent choice for those who prefer to have short hair to manage with greater ease and practicality. For the next season, try to carry out a reinterpretation that can draw inspiration from the 70s, with a very short fringe or parade, or tuft. If then you want to get the best by combining it with one of the coolest colors of the moment, try the so-called “icy pixie”, a short with a beautiful platinum color, which will parade your face and give you a touch of great personality.


Very short hair? Here are the new styles to evaluate for September!


Boyish 80s


Another alternative is represented by the boiysh cut, or to the tomboy, with references to the 80s. Talk to your hairdresser about the possibility of being able to easily refer to the looks swag and mullet, or consider the possibility of being able to enrich everything with maxi tufts and full-bodied fringes. The result will certainly be of great femininity, and you will thus have the opportunity to get a new trendy short haircut, without having to excessively revolutionize your short starting look.


Helmets with minimal fringe


Another style that will be very fashionable for the next season is represented by the classic short bob, to be proposed again with a nice minimal fringe, French style, very short. Then combine everything with a side line and choppy look retro or, if you prefer, super smooth with wet effect. The wet effect can in fact be used with great practicality even away from the summer, even without exaggerating: there are many products on the market that will allow you to customize the “wet”, weighting the level of softness you want to achieve.


Long bob


It is certainly not an absolute novelty, but the long bob is about to reappear with great personality and arrogance also during the next season. Therefore try to adopt it and make it your best “friend” of style, especially if a cut that is too short is not for you, and instead prefer a length just above the shoulders. Try it with strands pulled out to be able to get more volume, or slightly disheveled with a shag effect.


Then look at the new photos that we have had the opportunity to share with you below: you will certainly find many style opportunities that we advise you to look at and make yours. Try to show your hairdresser one or more shots of your liking, and let us know how your restyling work ended!


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