Wash your hair with coca cola, the beauty secret of influencers

Wash your hair with coca cola, the beauty secret of influencers

It is not the latest trend of the moment but a successful experiment with visible results: washing hair with cola cola – according to many beauty bloggers – would help to reinvigorate the hair.


Coca cola would therefore be the beauty secret of the beautiful and shiny hair of many infuencers who decided to use it for a more lively and natural hairstyling.


Those who have already tested this drink on their heads swear that they are addicted to it and have noticed immediate feedback.


The styling after its use lasted longer while the hair color appeared brighter and brighter.


But what would be the surprising effects of coca cola on hair and how to use it?


Natural and light look


Before drying your hair, after washing, use the coca cola as the last step and pour this drink on your hair.


The result will be a casual, light and super natural effect.


Beach waves all year round


Imagine the wonderful waves on your hair after a day at the beach. Thanks to coca cola you could replicate them, word of the New York beauty blogger Ellko .


With coca cola the effect beach waves would be guaranteed without effort.


The beauty blogger Ellko is only the latest of a group of women in the star system who have decided to prove the effectiveness of coca cola. Before her the supermodel Suki Waterhouse has declared, on several occasions, to be coca cola addicted .


How to wash hair with coca cola?


Would you like to try coca cola on your hair? You will only need one or two one-liter bottles of the drink , depending on the length of the hair.


For a more voluminous and long hair you need two bottles of one liter each (for short hair, however, only one will be enough) and a basin.


Beauty blogger Ellko followed this process. After washing his hair and drying it completely he poured the two bottles of coca cola. Subsequently he rinsed his hair only with water.



To the touch, the hair immediately appeared more voluminous, more full-bodied with large and impactful waves like those recreated thanks to the saline sprays.


The choice to use coca cola to wash hair is undoubtedly bold… .but the bubbles would help give the look a more sparkling and playful look.


However, we cannot tell you about the quality of this treatment and how healthy your beautiful hair could keep.

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