Wash your hair without shampoo? Now it's possible, with no-poo and co-wash!

Wash your hair without shampoo? Now it's possible, with no-poo and co-wash!

Wash your hair without shampoo? Now it is possible, with the no-poo!


The use of natural hair cleaning products and substances is becoming increasingly popular not only in the world of the star system but also among “ordinary” women.


Specifically, there are two particular types of treatment , alternatives to the classic shampoos and conditioners. In reality, these are not real treatments but unconventional methods for the care of the hair.


Let’s find out together what is the no-poo method and the co-wash method.


The no-poo method


The no-poo refers to washing hair without the use of shampoo. But how and why?


Continuous and frequent washing, as we know, can ruin the hair, damaging it and damaging it. The no-poo method was born from the need for a more natural and respectful washing of the hair.


The most avid followers of this method use only water to wash their hair, others a one mixture of baking soda, water and a few drops of rosemary or Argan essential oil.


After applying the compress it is necessary to rinse the hair thoroughly with water and apple cider vinegar or powdered herbs or clay.


The cowash method


If the no-poo method seems all too anticonformist to you, a new trend is the cowash method , which is based on the application of the conditioner in place of the shampoo.


Literally this expression, in fact, means conditionner wash , that is, the washing of hair that is done using only the conditioner, to which you can add also sugar, with the scrub function.


If you have a fairly oily skin, which gets dirty easily, or brittle hair, which tends to break, this treatment is ideal.


Here are the instructions to prepare your co-wash compress: add half a glass of sugar to half a glass of balm without silicones. Apply it in a circular motion from the root to the lengths and leave it on for 5-10 minutes. Then rinse your hair with warm water.


Without shampoo …. to keep hair healthy


The main advantage of the no-poo and co-wash method is that of maintaining a healthy hioma , not attacking it with products that could damage it.


Furthermore, these methods literally follow the belief that washing hair too frequently is bad for the hair itself.


In detail here are the benefits brought about by not using shampoos with sulphates and exhausting agents:



  • rebalances the right amount of sebum

  • keeps the follicle healthy


The sebum of the scalp in fact undergoes a continuous alteration precisely because of the chemical agents present in most of the hair products on the market.


Another advantage that derives from the no-poo method is less stress on the follicles, with the result that the hair will appear more shiny and healthy.


What do you think of trying these particular treatments on your hair to restore its shine and a healthier life?

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