Wavy hair, beach waves (and not only!) Even on shorts!

Wavy hair, beach waves (and not only!) Even on shorts!

Like every summer, the dilemma is quickly served: will the beach waves be fashionable again, or will they be replaced by other more popular hairstyles and cuts? The answer is – as often happens (but not always!) Quite comforting as regards the waves: this year too, in fact, the beach waves seem to be able to give their best within the wide range of hairstyles moves, but as it happens for the colors and the lightening, also the hairstyles for hair are revised and made more modern. And, therefore, also for beach waves – on short or long hair – must necessarily be slightly “touched up”. But in what way?


Moved but not too much


If you have short hair and you want to be able to marry beautiful wavy , know that during the summer of 2016 what will be most fashionable will be the very soft wavy ones, which allow the hair to move with freedom with every breath of wind by the sea or swimming pool. You can however enrich them with a long and full-bodied fringe, which can allow your look to take on a boho chic tone that can be easily worn in the morning or in the evening, based on your preferences.


How to make a nice short and choppy look


Making a nice look of short and wavy hair is quite simple. In fact, it is sufficient, on your wet hair, to vaporize a thermo-protective product that can untangle the lengths, dry the entire hair and divide it into strands. Then, pass the straightener over the affected areas of hair, going to rotate the same outwards from mid strand onwards. If you have a medium bob, the procedure shouldn’t be too complicated!


If you finally want to get a real beach effect waves , know that in this case too the recipe is quite simple to make, as it will be sufficient to vaporize a product on your hair special (“water and salt”) that will make your look come true. The product (one of them is L’Oreal Professionel’s Wild Stylers) must be vaporized on the hair to make it a little more full-bodied. Once dried, the hair will be visibly wavy.

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