Ways to Prevent Hair Fractures

There are 4 reasons for hair fractures. These;

Repetition of chemical processes such as dye and perm
Intensive use of hair dryers and straighteners and frequent blow dry
Continuously gathering hair back and attaching hair with rubber
Use of unsuitable care products for hair

All these factors dry the hair and make it lifeless. This causes the hair to have a more fragile structure and as a result hair fractures occur. You should be sensitive to your hair to prevent hair breaks. Staying away from heat, not using styling products too much, using hair as much as possible are some of the measures you can take. You can take a few cm from your hair tips every two to three months. However, this only allows to get rid of the existing fractures. It does not prevent the formation of new fractures.


When picking your hair, you should prefer toothed buckles instead of tight tires. If your hair is broken, you should do daily or weekly maintenance . In daily care, you can use shampoos or care products that contain corn, rice or wheat extract. These form a protective layer around the hair and increase the elasticity of the hair. This means, of course, increased durability.

In weekly care, massage can be done on the scalp with vegetable oils. These oils are; It can be olive oil, sesame oil, apricot oil or coconut oil. You can do these maintenance applications at night and wash them when you wake up in the morning. Thin hair is more suitable for breaking due to its structure, people with this hair type should take precautions for fractures.


Besides all these, you should pay attention to the products you use in your hair. Using serum care products against broken ends will also help protect your hair. For this, you can choose care products that give the moisture it needs to the hair. Because damp hair is always stronger and resistant to breakage.


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