Ways to Protect Hair from the Scorching Heat of Summer

We started dreaming of sea and pool in the days when the holiday season is approaching, right? But let’s not forget the effort we spend all year on our hair while leaving ourselves in cool waters and enjoying tanning. Are you ready to protect the hair that you have made alive and silky by maintaining the wonderful color tone you have now and removing it from the tips and making it permanent hair care ?

Ways to protect hair on vacation

Take a shower before swimming in the sea or pool. A natural protective layer is formed on your hair styling and dirt-free hair with the moist effect of clear water. Of course, the main trick is to take a shower again after leaving the sea or pool. Your hair, which is thoroughly free from pool chlorine or sea salt, will retain its color longer and you will prevent wearing out.


Use coconut oil for hair care before entering the pool or sea. By applying coconut oil or jojoba oil to your dry hair tips, you can protect it from harmful effects. Hair-protecting oils definitely work.

When preparing your holiday bag, be sure to take all hair care products with you. If your hair is dyed or highlighted, always have color protecting hair care products available. Also choose products that protect the hair from the sun, such as sunscreen hair spray.


Carefully shampoo the sea and the pool to eliminate the effect it has on your hair before landing for dinner each evening. If your hair is dyed or highlighted, use shampoo. When choosing shampoo, you should definitely prefer herbal shampoos with natural ingredients. After shampoo, do not forget to use a moisturizing conditioner and hair care mask to prevent your hair from wearing out.


Protect your hair with Argan oil. Hair care products containing argan oil create a protective layer on your hair and provide natural care. Especially after the holidays, getting intensive care with argan oil will strengthen your hair.


The most effective method to protect hair from the sun is undoubtedly the use of hats and suitable hairstyles. Suitable for the holiday hairstyles are braids and bulk hair. You can check out this article for summer hairstyles.


You can knit your hair abundantly after applying sunscreen hair spray, oil or non-rinsing hair conditioner, and apply one of the scattered bun models. In this way, all of your hair, especially the ends, will not be exposed to direct sunlight.


The most effective method to protect hair from the sea is undoubtedly the use of bones. But if the use of bones bothers you, sunscreen hair care products and sunscreen oils are inevitable for you.




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