Ways to Protect Hair from the Sun

Ways to protect the hair from the sun

With the increase of the sun’s burning from the summer, the UV rays it emits increase. Nowadays, we should show the sensitivity we show to protect our skin for our hair. As the sun’s rays dry our hair, when we enter the pool or the sea to cool off, when combined with the effect of chlorine and salt, the care you do all winter can be wasted. You do not want the color tone that you caught as a result of long efforts, especially for dyed hair, to turn on or deteriorate?

We must definitely use protective products to protect the hair from the sun. It is also possible to make the hair durable by increasing the care we will do at home. Apart from that, it will be correct to be in the shade or use a hat at noon when the sun is most intense.


Products that protect the hair from the sun

The most comprehensive product range for this problem is in Kerastase hair care products. Kerastase Soleil series is formulated as necessary to protect the hair from the sun and not to be affected by the pool and the sea. In the series, which has different product types for normal, dry or sensitive hair types, the effects of sun rays on the hair are prevented and eliminated. You can choose any of Kerastase Soleil products according to your needs, for protection and to repair the sun damaged hair.


Kerastase Soleil Micro Voile Protecteur Spray, which you can use as a protector before sun exposure, is among the products that protect hair from the sun with its UV filter. It gives brightness and softness to your angles all day long with its rinse-free formula.


For post-sun care, we recommend using a hair bath that will remove the negative effects of chlorine, salt and UV rays from your hair. You can use Kerastase Bain Apres after sun hair bath.


As the last step in hair care after sun, you can apply Kerastase Soleil Lait Richesse and regain the lively and bright appearance.


Choose accessories such as hats and scarves to protect hair from the sun


The variety and beauty of the hats may attract you this season. Before you go on holiday, you should definitely get a wide-brimmed and vibrant color hat. Light colored scarves are also a good solution to protect hair from the sun, besides being a stylish hair accessory.


Argan oil to protect hair from the sun


It is among the products that protect hair from the sun with its vitamins and antioxidant effect. It helps to protect your hair from the harmful effects of the sun while strengthening and moisturizing it. Like algan oil, sweet almond oil is effective for protecting hair from the sun with its vitamins A and E.


Blondes beware!


If you do not want your hair, which has finally reached the perfect tone, to turn green on holiday, be more sensitive to protecting your hair from the sun. If you wet your hair without swimming in the pool or the sea, you can prevent the chlorine and salt from affecting your hair too much.


Hair care once a week throughout the summer


Do not neglect your weekly hair care throughout the summer to prevent problems such as hair breaks, wear and dullness. You don’t need to go to the hairdresser every time with hair care masks that can be applied at home. You can apply hair care cures made with natural materials that we have shared before.


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