White Concealer Foam for Men

The problem of hair whitening arises not only as the age progresses, but also due to the reduction of color pigments in the hair due to genetic factors. Unlike women, most men do not like to dye their hair constantly. But white hair is a serious problem for all men and women. Although the hair dyes formula for men is different from other hair dyes, men avoid dyeing hair with the worry of catching the natural look.

If you think so, you should try the white concealer foam product for men without ammonia. In these days when Father’s Day is approaching, there may be a different gift alternative for those who are tired of buying shirts or T-shirts every year.

Developed by Wella Wella Sp Men Pigment Mousse has the ability to cover whites by copying the hair color with its ammonia-free content. This product, which is specially formulated for male hair whitening, is not a hair dye. The fact that it is ammonia-free, especially underlined, is that it restores its natural color to the hair that whitens hair without weakening and weakening it. Thanks to the anti-aging developed thanks to the combination of Vitamin C and natural ingredients, it not only makes the hair natural, but also carries out hair care. It is not recommended to be used on hair that has been dyed with permanent or temporary dye, and has been opened with hair opening process. It is dyed and whitened up to 70%, provides long and lasting effect on natural hair. There are options specially formulated for brown and black hair. You can choose the color according to your natural hair color.


How to use white hair concealer for men?

First, make sure your hair is dry. Turn the Wella SP Men Pigment Mousse box, which you shake well, downwards, and squeeze the foam on the comb inside the box. Apply the comb to areas where the whites are dense, and you can apply it to your entire hair. If you are doing the first application, leave the foam in your hair for 10 minutes. In the next applications, it will be enough to wait for 5 minutes. At the end of the waiting period, wash with the shampoo that is also in the box. Rinse well until clear water comes out. White hair concealer for men can be repeated every 2-3 days. It is recommended to use 4-5 times to capture the image you want.


As a result, Wella Sp Men, an ammonia-free white remover for men, returns to natural hair color without a dramatic change in hair, as the appearance of whites decreases.


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