White hair, how to make them super trendy!

White hair, how to make them super trendy!

The white hair has risen to prominence over the past 2-3 years, ensuring a space of sure interest in the preferences of those people who have chosen this look ] granny ”in order to carve out a particularly unique and captivating outburst of personality. But what does the short-term future have in store for this genre of hairstyle ? Are we sure that white haircuts are so attractive and interesting even in spring summer 2019? Or maybe it’s better to change direction, and turn your attention to something different? Let’s make a brief study on this theme, and season it all with an unmissable final gallery!


A brave choice however


Let’s start by remembering, right from these first lines, that the choice to say goodbye to artificial coloring periodically and indulge in the pleasure of gray hair or white [19459003 ] (or voluntarily adopt it through a tincture) is a rather courageous female choice, which has not recently generated many discussions between all those women who have declared themselves in favor, and all those women who have declared themselves against such an option anyway. A discussion from which a truth emerged: the phenomenon of white hair is likely to become one of the most interesting trends of 2019 and, in particular, of spring summer, considering that numerous models with white hair are just appearances on several international catwalks.



Which color to use


If the idea is to support the growth of white and gray hair , this does not mean that you absolutely have to give yourself an excessively natural image. Many of our readers could in fact obtain the most appreciable results going to show off a pleasant two-tone effect, ombrè, while others could still ride the tendentially natural image, taking care of the gray or the white with special anti-yellow and conditioning products, specific for cleansing hair white and gray , and enriched with substances that protect the hair and emphasize the natural color .


White hair, how to make them super trendy!

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And the eyebrows?


As for the eyebrows, if you want to opt for a white hair you should consider having a very careful treatment. Try to wear eyebrows of a darker shade with careful ease, so that they go in pleasant contrast with the predominant color of the hair.


The trick


As for the make-up to combine with the white hair look, remember that make-up is really very important in order to maintain a style that is always well-kept and stylish. So go ahead for the most sophisticated make-up for the most special occasions, perhaps focusing on illuminating, pencil, mascara and eyeshadow!


Touching up white hair: many opportunities to ride the trends


The white roots are one of the common problems of women throughout Italy, who observe with particular concern the evolution of their hair, and the inexorable expansion of the regrowth . Fortunately, it is certainly not necessary to resort to a complete tincture in order to run for cover, being enough to pursue some right techniques to be able to touch up the roots. But how can we face this moment? What are the techniques that have recently arrived in beauty salons and that we recommend you to share with your hairdresser? Let’s find out a bit more by taking advantage of some tips not to be missed!


White and gray hair cut


White hair, how to make them super trendy!

long bob light white @ capellistyle.it


As for the cut, the white and gray hair are well suited to many variations: think, for example, of the possibility of identifying in your hairstyle your favorite a nice bob, a long bob , a long smooth or a long hedgehog . On closer inspection, any cut can lend itself well to white or gray hair, with the usual condition that it must be a neat and not scruffy cut. The same concept should permeate the hairstyles, from the braid to the bun, and so on.


Ultra quick retouching, no problem!


If you have a particularly important evening before you but your regrowth is there, well present in all its “splendor”, nothing better than proceeding with a nice touch of spray toning . On the market you will find many types, in various nuances, each of which we are sure will be able to meet your revision need. It will be sufficient to apply the spray exclusively in the area of ​​the roots in order to cover or accentuate the regrowth, or perhaps use the spray in the sense alternative , to be able to have fun with a new nuance .


Keep in mind that these sprays are not particularly aggressive, and that it will be sufficient to resort to a shampoo to be able to eliminate the color that you have carefully put into being. This is an investment of a very minimal amount, which with a few euros (we advise you not to skimp with this expense, aiming directly at a quality product) will certainly be able to give you important benefits, delaying the moment in which you should do the accounts with a complete dye at the hairdresser.


How to cover white hair


If you want to cover the regrowth and mask the first white hair , the temporary colors are definitely a fantastic, excellent and effective tool: the temporary colors can in fact allow to cover the hair. white maintaining a natural color. Contrary to what happens with “classic” permanent coloring, in fact, temporary coloring does not oxidize one’s hair and does not even contain ammonia. Therefore, this kind of coloring does not sensitize the hair fiber and its reflexes are attenuated shampoo after shampoo, gradually, over 15 or 20 days from the time of application.


On the other hand, it is true that if the white hair represents at least 30% of the overall hair, it would be more appropriate to focus on an effective long-term solution, such as the [19459002 ] semi – permanent coloring, a middle ground between the temporary and the permanent one. The most used techniques are the tone-on-tone ones, since unlike the classic coloring, it does not permanently change the natural pigment of the hair and is also able to respect the hair fiber thanks to its cosmetic agents present in the coloring cream. In addition to the above, keep in mind that this kind of coloring takes only 20 minutes, half of a classic coloring. A nice solution to be able to give your look a new appeal!


Also on this occasion, we can only remind you of the possibility of enriching your knowledge on the subject by consulting our gallery with 30 different photos of gray and white haircuts that could stimulate you in evaluating that you can marry the our granny look! Try to imagine yourself struggling with a similar look and try to share your thoughts and reflections with all of us. Is white hair or gray hair right for you? What is your opinion of these styles?


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