White nails: a trendy solution for all seasons

Elegant and minimal. Fresh and fun. The white nails are a trend valid for all seasons. And it is not difficult to understand why: they are not only beautiful to look at, but white is a color that goes well with everything. You can therefore wear them with casual clothing made of jeans and a T-shirt and show them off to a particular evening accompanied by an elegant long dress.


But before grabbing your bottle of white enamel, you need to know how to spread it and what are the trends of this autumn 2016 . follow these practical tips and browse our gallery for fresh, clean and sophisticated looking hands.


White nails: 5 steps to follow for a perfect manicure


1. The shade


Yes, there is more than one shade of white. For example, if your skin still wears the beautiful colors of the tan, a bright white shade gives a wonderful natural contrast. If, on the other hand, you really don’t tan even if you spend hours and hours in the sun, you can focus on white nails embellished with a pinkish chrome.


A shade of ivory is instead perfect for those who do not like pure white, while the pearly is excellent for an evening on the beach, perhaps accompanied by a short white dress that gives emphasis on the enamel. And for women with a romantic soul we cannot fail to mention the evocative color lavender combined with white, an enchanting fusion capable of leaving everyone speechless.


2. The base


It is the most important part for a cured and smudge-free manicure. To have white nails effective, you must first take care of the base. Because? It is very useful for making nail polish adhere well and helps to develop a base for possible designs , such as nice streaks.


3. The form


Thanks to its bright and sharp shades, white nails can be less tolerated than other shades of color. This means that the nails must be cut and finished evenly before applying the nail polish.


Just the length plays a fundamental role. In the case of short and round nails a nice french looks great, while with long nails you can opt for almond nails that give style and elegance, rounding the tip upwards; here it will be possible to enrich the nail polish with accessories and shades of color that emphasize the nail.


4. Cleaning


The white nails are particularly beautiful to look at when they are clean and well defined. I know, the ends are the part of the body most exposed to dirt. Then the hands touch and do everything. And they get dirty quickly. For a deep and quick cleaning you can use the vaseline. Yes, you got it right. A thin layer of vaseline on the cuticles will help keep the nails clean. It must be applied before laying the enamel.


5. Double coat of enamel


Try to use thin and uniform layers, allowing the previous one to dry before applying the next. Two coats of nail polish are effective and useful for a lasting manicure with a more intense and brilliant white. Then finish with a polish and finish the nail as you wish.


Tips for a nail polish


Remember that white nails are like a canvas ready to be covered with your imagination. Play with your creativity and have fun bringing out original and sophisticated ideas to emphasize white in all its forms. Use accessories, such as glitter and beads, mix the colors and create a pattern that meets your expectations.


Finally, make sure that the eye is focused on your manicure. Like? Enriching your hands with a nice thin bracelet and / or a silver ring that offers a splendid contrast with the white nail.


In conclusion, white nails , if treated with care, can be the winning solution for the whole year. Embellished with small accessories and golden / silver edging in winter, enriched with pinkish chrome and original designs in summer. Even at parties they know how to give their best: have you ever tried to develop small Christmas trees or create suggestive snowflakes on your nails?


White is a color that never clashes and always knows how to fascinate. A touch of fantasy is enough to transform your white nails into a real artistic masterpiece. It is all about knowing how to combine the right shades of color and knowing how to tell your personality with the right creativity.


And if you really can’t come up with anything original, try browsing our gallery, full of interesting ideas from which to take inspiration. Choose your favorite image and copy it to give your hands that extra touch to always be impeccable and never out of fashion. You will see that your white nails will be highly appreciated by everyone!































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