Why Is My Hair Losing?

Why Is My Hair Losing?

Why is my hair falling out?


First, let’s state that hair loss is natural. But of course in reasonable amounts… Experts state that shedding 50 to 100 strands of hair per day is a normal process for hair regeneration. But whenever you throw your hand, if your hand is full of hair, or if your hair is filled with hair that has been shed after each bath, something is going wrong. It is necessary to take measures against hair loss.

So what are the causes of hair loss?


Could you not be getting enough protein?


Besides being one of the important points of our protein nutrition pyramid, it helps new hair making. Note that you get protein at every meal. According to a study conducted in the USA, in case of protein deficiency, hair loss may increase and hair growth will slow down. Again, in this study, it is written that women should take 46 grams of protein a day. You can get protein not only from meat but also from various foods. For example, we recommend that you consume more pulses.

Iron deficiency accelerates hair loss


Make sure you get enough of iron-containing foods in your diet. If you think hair loss has increased recently, iron deficiency may cause hair loss problem. Experts say that women between the ages of 19 and 50 should receive 18 mg of iron per day and women over 51 years old should take 8 mg of iron per day. Your doctor will decide how much iron you need and how to supplement it, but be careful to eat iron-rich foods against hair loss.


Why Is My Hair Losing?

Causes of Hair Loss


Are you under stress?


Intense stressful situations can increase the problem of hair loss. If you say how to prevent hair loss from stress, you should firstly come down to the source of the issue that caused you trouble. We advise you to nourish and support your hair care more than ever, considering this period as temporary. You can review this article for our home care recommendations against hair loss.


Using the wrong product negatively affects your hair health!


Using hair care products that are not suitable for your hair can cause hair loss. When choosing shampoo, cream, hair care oils, hair styling products, we recommend choosing the ones that suit your hair type. Many brands have different hair care products that promise to work wonders for your hair. But try to choose natural products that you think have a clean content. In this way, you can take measures against hair loss.


Why Is My Hair Losing?


Do heat stylers lose hair?


Frequent use of high temperature hair styling tools such as hair straighteners or curling irons will cause your hair to wear out and fall out. We recommend that you use these tools less frequently and use protective products before using them. We also recommend that you read this article for those who ask if hair stylers shed hair.


Hormonal changes like pregnancy and childbirth


Pregnancy causes numerous changes in your body. It causes your hair to fall out as your estrogen levels change. But you can be sure that you will recover the hair you lost during pregnancy in a short time after birth.



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