Youthful short haircuts for you!

Youthful short haircuts for you!

If you have been following us for a long time, you know well that a day cannot pass without the pleasure of dealing with short haircuts , one of our favorite lengths. So even today we have the great pleasure to offer you a series of new very youthful short hair styles, which could be right for you if you want to rejuvenate your appearance a little and maybe gain a few years of age compared to what it reveals your identity card.


Styles that may appear sober and elegant, but which at the same time will guarantee you an appearance that is sufficiently casual to seem a clear element of ready rejuvenation.


The cuts you will see in a few lines can also adapt to a vast range of women: both those who have a beautiful oval face, and those who need to lengthen or widen the shape of their face, guaranteeing a proper sense of balance of the length or width of one’s face . As it is clear from our shots today, one of the favorite styles in the coming autumn will be wavy hair, which as we had the opportunity to point out a few weeks ago, is the right style to give a good dynamism to your head, avoiding to flatten you with a non-personalized and old-fashioned helmet.


Again, remember that in structuring your short haircut, it is good to point out that the look always needs to be exploited in synergy with the rest of the elements of your face . With short and delicate hair, in fact, the features take on a greater prominence, and it is therefore important that these elements are well proportioned, in order to avoid … rather visible flops. In this case, a good “trick” is to lengthen the cut: this is a foresight that is often underestimated, but which just as often could represent the dividing line between a pleasant result and one to forget.


Finally, remember that head and shoulder sizes matter, and how! We have repeatedly pointed out to you how women who are more minute and thin could have excellent results with very short cuts, but that if on the other hand you are very tall and have a very robust build, it would be good to avoid too minimal volumes, in order to instead try to embrace more important and wider hair.


In short, this is a haircut that will allow the protagonists of today’s and tomorrow’s style to be able to show off a refined and refined hair, without however losing sight of the requirements of simplicity and style.


The short cut with length at the chin is in short a haircut elegant and very practical, requiring little maintenance and which can be easily modeled with scissors on the basis of the shape of the head, then accommodating the lengths on the chin area. With the usual “play” of volumes, it will then be possible to enlarge too slender and long faces and, on the other hand, to lengthen faces that seem to be too wide.


In short, the short haircut at the height of the chin can be considered a valid alternative both for those with straight hair and for those with wavy hair. On the other hand, the helmet with a length at the chin could create some potential problems for all women who have too voluminous and rebellious hair, which could be difficult to manage with this kind of style.


Having established the foregoing, we can only advise you here to carefully consult our photogallery, where you will certainly find much more than a few useful ideas to be able to fulfill your beauty needs . If you then find one or more cuts that you think will finally be right for you, nothing better than talking about it with your most trusted hairdresser.


As always, talk to your trusted hairdresser, and remember that everything is remedied. So experiment, experiment, experiment!


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