Zebra nails, many tips (and photos) to make them perfectly!

Zebra nails, many tips (and photos) to make them perfectly!

The zebra nails represented one of the must haves of the summer as regards the nail art . On the other hand, it is a very simple and effective way to beautify your nails, and they can easily adapt to any type of clothing. They are also fantastic for attracting attention and, if you want to try something really new, they are one of the first approaches that we recommend you evaluate. But how can you create eye-catching and perfect zebra nails?


What do you need to have zebra nails?


Having the zebra nails is very simple. However, you need some basic material, such as an anti-yellow base, white enamel, a black acrylic, a liner brush, a toap coat and one colored enamel . In choosing this material try to opt for quality products, avoiding to buy products of poor quality, which would jeopardize the success of your work.


How to make zebra nails


Once you have had the opportunity to recover all the necessary material, you are faced with the need to opt for some applied “creativity”. For example, one of the most used variants of zebra nails is that which consists in making the decoration as if it were a french manicure. Therefore, start by applying a coat of anti-yellow base. More than half of the nail, remember, will in fact be visible to the naked eye, and must have an impeccable appearance. Like any base, moreover, even the one mentioned above dries up incorrectly and in a few minutes you will be able to proceed with the decoration, making this application of nail art very simple to carry out, even in a short time. At this point, take a chalk white nail polish, with a tendency to be very thin, and use it to be able to make a French on all the nails.


Zebra nails for young people


Of course, you can make zebra nails as you prefer, showing off your creativity. For example, you can choose to opt for a slightly more cheeky and colorful version, which does not require a specific product (in short, you can safely use what you have at home) . When the base has dried, spread a colored nail polish on the nails, with the latter product which will end up determining the main trace of customization. Depending on the nail polish you choose, in fact, you will be able to adapt nail art to any item of clothing. However, in order to achieve a more “delicious” result, the ideal would be to opt for a tint that does not have glitter or elements of excessive flash, which would ill-adapt to the rest.


Once the nail polish has dried, take a nail polish that has a chalk white color and use it to color half of each nail . The sign must start from the base and go to the top, then proceeding diagonally. Subsequently, you will be required some attention in drawing the black lines with acrylic on the white part.




There are numerous versions of the zebra nails , and not necessarily one is better than the others. Try to take a look at our rich gallery today and get an idea: among the images listed below you will certainly be able to find the right solution to copy!































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